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April 2010  

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03:06pm 11/08/2009
i joined two new form websites because both users are my best friends evers

the first one i joined is


he likes to be called joker and will not tell his name to other pplz

and second is princesses form also known as haruko ! <3


it will be easier to find me because i mostly always name myself ketsueki or for my best friends ever ketsu

mood: BAKA STORM !! &gt;.BAKA STORM !! >.
music: none
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T.T *sniffles*  
09:18am 10/08/2009
guys and girls this is very sad....jasmine you from versailles died August 9th 2009....

this is so unfair

here is the blog posted from JaME world

rest in peace jasmine you...we are all gonna miss you so much...

mood: sadsad
tags: sad
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08:58am 10/08/2009
hey pplz
i'm bored
of my

saves me!!!! *is slowly dieing from being bored*
mood: saves meh!
music: none
tags: bored
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i found it on haru's post so i just tried it..  
03:09pm 26/07/2009
ketsueki :
Recipe for Love
- 1 1/2 cups of friendliness

- a gallon of humor

- 2 heaping tablespoons of confidence
Season and serve.
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. . . .  
07:48pm 10/07/2009
everyone says that oh alyssa i love you, your the best, LIES its all fucken LIES i wanna die 
everyone i love is leaving me 
i don't feel like getting close to anyone anymore 
just cut out my heart and rip it to bits...
i don't care anymore

i hate my life everyone lies to me even my own online sister she says she loves me but now she says she does not want to chat with me any more i wish i never was born....

please kill me....
mood: depresseddepressed
music: ...crapy english music....
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back and very happy? :S  
06:27pm 07/06/2009
i'm happy that i'm back with mimi!! YAYYY

but how can i be happy when i feel like my two best friends hate me T.T rei, and haru i'm sryyyy i'm sry for crying about my life i feel so stupid forgive me? >.< don't make me beg now
sis i know i was trying my hardest not to listen to what you had to say and now i regret it cause that day it hurt so much cause it felt like you didn't wuv ur sista no more T.T so...i cried my self to sleep..

and i'm sry i got you in trouble haru o.o man maybe next time when your in class you should not laugh when i put sometime funny, instead of laughing out loud you should hold in the laughter ^^ ok?? maybe that would help and you won't be hit by a old book >.<

so anyway to make up for all this drama i'm making my second part of my story and so far it has about 4-5 pages on word ^^"
but i'm trying to put more ok! so look out for my story and i am trying to make this equally funny or funnier then my last chapter ^^ you be the judge =D
mood: drama..not always a good thing
music: Due Le Quartz- byou
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not in the mood...i need my sista and princess haru-chan...  
09:52pm 29/05/2009
ya i know i have not been posting but i have been thinking does mimi really love me? does she really care?
so i finally decided to leave her...ya i haven't told her YET cause shes in a place where people have problems like crazy problems (such as cutting themselves hurting or killing others etc...) well i think its cause mimiru's step dad made her go cause he found out she cuts or cause he just hates her...>.<

well any way i left her and i really need my sis darknessvisual and princess haru-chan. . . moidixharu 
pwease come online as soon as possible i need someone help me become happy again...
mood: depresseddepressed
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(no subject)  
02:52pm 24/05/2009
Jrock slumber party by kyo_slave
Started a pillow fightdarknessvisual
Left with Gacktc_h_i_b_i
Picked on Shinyaxxkaryuuxx
Ate scorpions with Kyodoomketsu
Streaked the neiborhood with Yomivoltinstability
Got raped by Zero0h_my_juliet
location: meh room xD
mood: dorkydorky
music: don't don super junior
tags: jrock, random
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TAG i'm it xD  
10:39pm 20/05/2009
i got tagged by darknessvisual  and she gave me
Riku Kai and Teruki

well here goes the rules xD

1. Provide a picture and name of 3 people.
2. Label which you would Marry, Fuck, and Kill.
3. Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
4. Post this meme with your answers.

i would marry Kai

my reasons for marring kai is cause he is my boo i lubs him!!

i would fuck ruki

lolz i would fuck ruki cause like xD he is smexy and its cute that he is tiny *giggles*

and i would kill Teruki

ya no brainer why i would kill him >. > i hate him...(no offense Teruki fans)
mood: amusedamused
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so bored...  
08:44pm 08/05/2009
Poll #1397022 random

which band is ur fav. ? ( out of the following)

moi dix mois
The GazettE
alice nine
dir en gey
antic cafe
alice nine
malice mizer

oh its too hard to choose >.
location: ....
mood: blankblank
music: nothing
tags: bored, random
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