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April 2010  

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The Rei, Haru, and Ketsu story ^-^ part 2  
04:57pm 09/10/2009
As you guys might know yea my nickname is ketsu but its also short for ketsueki (which means blood) >.< and ya I know ketsu means ass but I don’t care so deal with it!! And dani is a girllll !! ok ? ok ! ^^
And for people that don’t know what glomping is -.-“ read/watch manga/anime seriously cause it has lots of glomping and stuff, duhhhh glomping is just a hug that’s like super powerful that you fall to the ground cause someone is running and huging you, and its NOT rape *cough cough inoe cough cough* ¬____¬
Anyway back to the story.

After a week of just being bored T.T *sniffles* and not eating any candy and waiting for a phone call for getting into a job and that meant that MANA-SAMA MIGHT be my boss *_* my cell phone finally rang a couple of times before I picked it up.

Me: “hello?”
???: “Ah is this ketsueki ?”
Me: yes, speaking
??? : “We have gotten you an apartment, and plan tickets to Tokyo japan. We are eagerly waiting your arrival.”
Me: “OMG thank you, soooo much ^^”

After maybe 3-8 minutes of talking and explaining where my job is located and other important information I hung up the phone, I looked at the clock in my kitchen and it read 9:45 pm. So I decided to go pick up A LOT of candy since I haven’t had it in soooo long T.T
I then went to my bedroom, which had a lot of jrocker posters along the walls and ceiling, even my computer was jrock ^^ ya it was great, but it will be better when I meet mana-sama cause there is a chance I might meet sethy! (seth). Soon after I stop day dreaming and being lazy, I went to my closet and got out my new outfit that I made about a month ago, and just never worn it until nowwww!.

(You can pick which even socks and neck choker, and crown, I don’t really mind =/)

Me: “yay it fits perfectly, I thought it wouldn’t but I was wrong ^^, o.o oh my god now where is my crown >.< I needsss itttt.” Saying so I walked to my dresser by my queen sized bed with lots of pillows and when I say I LOT I mean it there are like I don’t know 18 pillows in total…what I like to be comfortable. Scanning the dresser I found it lying by my make-up case “YES! I found it” then placing it carefully on my head I quickly went to my mirror to examine what I look like. “Perfection!”
Me: “I’m comingggg no need to get your panties in a knot >.<” mentally sighing I already knew who it was because she’s like crazy xD, but heck I love her ^^. I quickly opened the door and dani is still ringing the door bell. “Umm, dani you can stop now I’m here”
Dani: huh? Oh ketsu!! Glomping me and we both fall on the wooden steps. “Opps sorry ketsueki-channn, I didn’t mean to.”
Me: “oh its ok lets go!”
Dani: “waittttt haven’t you seen what I’m wearinggg I bought it at a Lolita store I love it!!” She twists and turns showing me her punk Lolita dress which looks awesome by the way.

Me: “Oh its awesome Dani, we should take pictures after ^^.” Going back inside and getting my keys to lock up so we can go shopping for accessories, food, bedroom materials, and of course we can’t forget CANDY!! Dani of course walks in and hits her self with the door…
Me: “omgggg dani you have to be more carful >.< plus I need your help to get candy!!!” picking her up and placing her on her feet.
“^^ lets go!! No more stalling ok!?” running out the door dragging dani by the arm, and putting her in the passenger set right beside me.
Dani: “but you don’t have your driver’s license”
Me: o.o “uh uh uh of course I doooo!! It’s uh… right hereeeeeeee!” showing my handmade totally fake drawing of a license”
Dani: “right...get out of the drivers sit, I’m driving”
Me: “aww not fair!! It would be funny if a cop pulls us over and like I show it to him and then he lets us go cause it’s soooo totally not fake =D”
Dani: “nuuuu, you can totally see its fake, because look the picture is a un well done drawing of a…o.o what is that a picture of anyway”
Me: “a kitty!!!! =D, and its not crapy!! >.<”
Dani: “yes, it really is, you’re a fashion designer so start drawing like one”
Me: “okies, mew mew mew mew meowwwwwww”
Dani: “MEOWWWWWWWW xD” in the end it took about 20 min for her and me from being complete morons and saying meow! Like a kitty =^-^=.
When we got closer to where I could see lights, I first noticed candy, because I’m just awesome that way. So dani parked the car, turning it off, taking the keys, and getting out almost tripping because there was a random log in the way, yes me and dani fall down a lot… ( yea…I kinda forgot how to spell the word for people to fall down a lot but if you know o.o could you message me and I will edit this really quick)
Me: “omggggg dani you ok” getting out and falling myself, only thing was..it was not a log I fell over it was a TREE like omg why would they keep a tree in a parking lot that leads to candy, some people just don’t think =/
Standing up, I looked at my knees to see that there were no holes...”oh thank god, there are no holes ^-^ yay!” brushing off the dirt, and going to help dani up, “you ok?”
Dani: “yea, I’m fine ^_^”
Me: “ok! Now seriously let’s go I’m like suffering from lack of candy!”
Not letting her say anything after I ran into the store and the first thingy I is lollipop’s I rushed to get about 20 or so lollipop’s then I placing a cherry one in my mouth. “Hey LOOK! I’m Maya” doing a Maya pose with a lollipop in my mouth and smiling.

--> maya <-- aiji
( altho...o.o he is not smiling in this one, but you get the idea ^^")

Dani: “ha-ha and so you are!” laughing as she walked up to me, I stared at her candy bag it had more then me!!! Nooo T.T I’m supposed to have more candy then her… “Not fair” I said stomping my foot on the ground.
Dani: “what’s not fair?”
Me: “you have more candy then meeeee T.T”
Dani: “soooo then get more? It’s not hard, let’s just go to candy landddd silly ^^.”
Me: “oh ya…he-he, my bad, sorry for getting mad that you were getting more candy then me, but you do know I LOVE my candy” As I got more candy, we both decided that we had enough candy and went to get the other stuff, first we went to Dani’s home to pack her stuff to move out cause we will be living in Tokyo Japan, we have been like packing for 4 hours or more I’m not sure I was not looking at the clock and plus my cell phone needed to be recharged.
Me: sighing “Dani are we done packing I mean I’m so tired and we still have like 3 day’s until we have to go and plus I NEED TO PACK TOO >.<” she just nodded in approval and I left to go to my house to start packing a little so I don’t have to pack to much at the last minute. “uhhh I’m so tireddd having running back and forth for like 2 hours , plus help packing for like 4 hours and running back home is tiring.” Changing into my gloomy bear pajamas and then crawling into my soft warm bed with like o.o 18 pillows!! (What?! I like being comfy! =^3^=)

Once in the morning my annoying alarm clock rings and I slowly turn around to try and turn it off “ummm shut up all ready… uhhhh” taking the alarm clock in my hands and placing it under a lot of pillows. Then my cell went off playing the song cage by dir en grey also known as diru, ya I knew it was a old song but I sill loved it, I loved it so much I used it as my ring tone for like 1 year.

So anyway when I finally got out of bed I read the text and it said:

Oi! Ketsueki-chan r ya up yet we still have 2 pack and invite the rest of the pplz to our trip 2 japan!!
Anyway ttyl
Ur sista

So I then reply back to my sista’s message but I could hardly click the buttons ‘cause I was soo tired x . x

Ok sista.
But I’m so tired I only had like 3 or 4 hours of sleep…

My cell goes off again and it says

Well I’m almost home and I kinda figured that u would be tired cause ur not a morning person ^^ so I bought u a iced cappuccino. And its Vanilla ur fav.!!

Omg oi sis I lubs u!!!

Iie wuv is more awesome >.<

Ya well I like saying it this way nowwww, haha so I will say it again I lubs u sisssss ^^

I waited for a while and no reply and at normally means she is now home, yay and that means I get my iced cappuccino. Yes!!

“sissss open the damn door >.<”
“o.o umm will I gets my iced cappuccino??” I yelled
“Yes!, now open this door its colddd” running down stairs and opening the door, my sister reiko almost fell on the floor, plus almost dropping my iced cappuccino!!

“O.O AHHHH my iced cappuccino T.T please be careful sisterrrr”
Sighing I took my ice cappuccino so that she would not drop it again. We really should leave soon to go to Japan because Mana-sama is waiting for me!! =^ω^= (<-- he-he kitty face) I took out my cell phone and clicked Haruko’s number in. His ring tone started playing, it was G-Dragon-heartbreaker (shh >.< yes I still like that song ok goshhh!!)
“o.o oh god no did you have candy this morning”
“^-^ nope, but ko did give me a iced cappuccino”
“o.o oh god.., well can you at least tryyyy to calm down”
“Okies...I can try” trying hard not to get to hyper or else he would get really freaked out. Remember haruko...doesn’t like it when I’m hyper because i yell...and jump...and act all random...Wait o.O i already act all random ^^ oh well...my friends still love me anyway.
“So your all mighty princess are you ready to go to Japan with me =D”
“¬__¬ no...”
“O.O b-but whyyy not??”
“Because...I never started packing”
“>.< oh that’s ittttt, I’m going to your house so I can help!!” closing the phone without letting haru finish what he was going to say.
Getting my custom made purse that I created a week ago, it was black and light pink, and it had a big hot pink NYAPPY ≥ω≤ symbol on it. I almost forgot my iced cappuccino D= until my sister reminded me ^^ yay sister!!
“Arigatou!!!” running out of the front door and rushing to haru’s house. Laughing like an evil child, I mean how dare he not even try to pack D= I shall take everyone I care about with me so i won’t have to miss anyone. RAWR!!!!
“Oh haruuuuuuu, open this damn door NOW! Or I shall bust it down and bite your arm off!!, and then get siseja to get katana-kun !!” as I suspected…yea he was to scared to open the door hehe I guess he is scared of sise’s katana-kun =P.
“Fine” opening the door… and then spraying me with water “bad kitty!”
“T.T meooww…” sulking because I hate water like a kitty! =>.<=

Andddddddddddddddddd to be continued ^^ ha-ha now you’re gonna have to wait! xD loser I mean awwww ^-^ there there it’s okies =D

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09:57pm 09/10/2009 (UTC)
I Am Laughing so hard right now. : D <3 I love your humor. Keeep uuuuuuup. >:3
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10:05pm 09/10/2009 (UTC)
doomketsu: ohh prettyful dress *.*
picword: ohh prettyful dress *.*
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Re: =D
10:03am 10/10/2009 (UTC)
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