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April 2010  

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10:40pm 24/09/2009
Sorry I haven’t been putting in any blogs lately I got a major writer block and homework on top of that too.( and being lazy ^^" shhhhhh xD lol)

Ok well this may have happened like maybe 2 weeks ago but who cares.

when I got up I put on my uniform shirt/blouse and pants then I went to go find my sweater, when I found it I didn’t see the whole or rip so when I put it on, I was like O.O “omg no way, how is this going to help my arm from being cold” because the rip was so big, it started from the top arm of the left part of the sweater and ended to my elbow. Yea a big ass rip…¬___¬

So you might know what my mom’s reaction was, yup she was pissed but she couldn’t do anything about it because the bus was coming soon, so I brushed my teeth and took my bag and lunch box and ran out the door…the bus came like 3 minutes later. If I was any later trying to fix or find a different sweater I would have missed my bus and then my mom would have to drive me to school. Yea never gonna happen ¬___¬

So yea hope you enjoyed my long post Dx and yea once again sorry for those that do read my posts.

and happy b-day Thera ^__^

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mood: annoyed and happy for theraannoyed and happy for thera
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06:18pm 25/09/2009 (UTC)
Theeeeeraaaa . <3 seeeexiii! ....

And i share the pain of your sweater. TT_TT
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